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Pure Wool Stole - Multicolor Border

Pure Wool Stole - Multicolor Border

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Wool is a natural fiber that is known for its warmth, softness, and durability. It is a popular choice for stoles and other cold-weather accessories due to its insulating properties and ability to retain warmth even when wet.


Pure Wool Stole

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Care Instructions

Wool does not hold odour, so should not need regular washing like synthetics. You can simply hang and air your garments/products to freshen. If however, you do need to wash, then always check the manufacturer’s care instructions and if in doubt, wash by hand.

Hand wash instructions:

  • Fill a basin with water at around 30°, ensure there is enough room for the garment to be moved around.
  • Add some PH neutral soap and stir carefully.
  • Gently squeeze the garment and push it down to be in deep water.
  • With both hands, lift it out of the water. Press some water out of the garment, gently.
  • Drain the water from the basin, clear any soap and fill it again with the same temperature as before.
  • Put the garment into the fresh water and gently squeeze the soap. Lift the garment out of the water and repeat the same steps until no soap is left.
  • Spread the garment into a clean towel and put a towel on top.
  • Lay the garment out to dry in a flat surface.

Machine Wash Instructions: 

Wool is a delicate natural fibre, and very absorbent, so it can be prone to shrinking. Many wool garments can be machine washed, but ensure you wash on the wool settings, cool water washed, or delicates settings. 

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